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tv   Fox Report Sunday  FOX News  September 14, 2015 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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"media buzz." i'm howard kurtz. hope you will like our facebook page and we post a lot of orange content and i respond often and we're back here next sunday at 11:00 and 5:00 p.m. eastern with the latest buzz. fire every where. our neighbors houses, friends houses. houses burning up. it's awful. >> trying to talk through the tears. we begin with breaking news in california, the governor has declared a state of emergency in the northern part of state as a wildfire has exploded into an inferno. late word 100 homes destroyed and sommore houses and other buildings in the path of this beast out west. i'm harris faulkner, this is "the fox reporter." it now has a name, the valley fire. it's about 100 miles north of san francisco.
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local reports say the fire in lake county has torched more than 40,000 acres in less than 17 hours. at last check a debilitating number here. the valley fire is 0% contained. burning out of control. thousands of people ordered to evacuate leaving everything behind. claudia, this fire was sudden and it is on the move fast. >> reporter: it really is, harris. the valley fire in lake county burning out of control as you mentioned no, containment and with wind gusts up to 30 miles per hour it is showing no sign of slowing down. this fire just exploded from 400 acres yesterday to more than 50,000 acres. new number 50,000 acres cal fire officials say that's astonishing. people all around region are packing up and getting out. i'm at the napa county fairgrounds which is a main evacuation center especially for the community of middletown of where the fire roared through last night, some compared to it
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a tornado creating a wall of flames and debris. no official count just yet but one man drove through the area tell me he thinks up to 1,000 homes and out building, 1,000 were destroyed and over the past few hours i have been watching hundreds and hundreds of lake county evacuees arrive here with their kids and some were able to bring their dogs, some horse, and a lot of worried faces as people wonder if their home is still standing. yesterday four firefighters from a helicopter crew fighting the valley fire were injured. they were airlifted to a hospital burn unit with second-degree burns. they are now listed in stable condition. you know, lake county has really had it tough this summer. just last month a couple of big firesscorched 150 square miles. now this fire, very low humidity, tinder conditions. governor jerry brown declared a
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state of emergency in napa and lake county to free up firefighting resources and crews from around california as well as from other states are coming in tonight to help as well. >> just to get an idea of what's happening out west, i don't want people to think this is the only fire and even not the biggest one claudia. >> reporter: that's right. we have the butte fire about 60 miles southeast of sacramento. that one burned over 65,000 acres. that one is 20% contained but destroyed 86 homes and is threatening thousands more. we that have rock fire burning in the mountains east of fresno. it's the largest active fire in the state with 130,000 acres burned. that one was also threatening some ancient sequoia trees but those iconic trees are safe. that fire 31% contained. right now thousands of crews are battling no less than 30 active fires tonight interesting drought stricken california. more residents are being evacuated.
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and harris, we'll have live updates throughout the day tomorrow. >> thank you very much. now let's get a look at what actually is coming. senior meteorologist janice dean is morning the weather conditions in the area and we know during this fire season that really makes a huge impact not only on the fire but on what people on the ground can do to fight it. >> these fires create their own weather patterns and the winds can be vicious. the good news is we have a system offshore that's bringing moisture into california and the northwest. taking a look at the maps i'll show you. first of all the valley fire. you mentioned explosion. that's exactly what happened overnight. 0% containment and 40,000 acres burned. now the temperatures were warm today. the wind out of the southwest heading into next week, monday, tuesday, wednesday we'll be dealing with better conditions. look at the drought here. severe to exceptional drought over 92%. this is a historic drought. it's been dry all summer long really for many years, this has
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been an ongoing situation and it's going to take in some cases over a foot or more of rain to eradicate this drought. >> i was out west and they were getting rain and i was seeing this is nothing. a strong el nino i understand is building in the pacific. tell me how that works in. >> an el nino is basically an area of water in the pacific. i want to show you real quick what we'll see that next system moving in will bring some relief, bringing temperatures down and bringing a little bit of moisture to this area. that's great news. however, as we head into the next couple of months we're watching this super el nino, meteorologists is calling this because this one could be epic, historic. this el nino is just a warming of the equatorial pacific that changes global weather pattern. typically this is what we see during an el anyone jork pacific storm track bringing wetter conditions towards the southwest. that's great news. this is the area we need it.
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there's our winter storm outlook. above average. we're hoping for these areas that really need it. >> not with standing that the system that's coming 2019 days. that map doesn't show any relief where that valley fire is burning. >> dozens of wildfires are also burning in the northwest. a little bit of relief for southern california. this next system will bring relief to the northwest and northern california. >> at least temporarily. janice dean thank you. we'll bring you back as the news warrant. also developing what looked like a break in the rash of shootings along an interstate in phoenix, arizona we now know there's no connection to the violence gone on. the sheriff's office said three teenagers were arrested happening overnight in what appears to be a copycat crime. will carr is live in phoenix with the latest. at this news conference we watched live on fox news they made a big point those shootings they are still investigating these three kids separate from
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that. >> reporter: that's right. the suspects still out there, harris. they say this happened last night on the east side of phoenix. they say that these teenagers were in their car. they were driving around using a slingshot to hit cars with small pieces of granite. they ended up hitting one family that wrote down their license plate number. they called the police. now all three teenagers behind bars. take a listen. >> these are just some kids that were out thinking maybe they would come up with some good idea and my message there to kids it's kind of cool to do than let's see what we can do, they are in jail and impacted their life negatively for some time to come. >> reporter: teens targeted six pedestrians and seven cars last night and while they may have been copycats police say they were not involved in the 11 shootings we have seen in the past 14 days. prime suspect or suspects in those shootings still out there. they are continuing to talk to a person of interest. a 19-year-old man who was
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arrested friday. he's being held on a nonrelated drug crime but police tell me this weekend he's not their guy. while they don't look for that suspect they are asking for the public across phoenix to remain vigilante. >> will carr thank you very much. some of you may have flipped on the which is to get the jets-browns score. game stopped. people were silent. lorenzo maldin was secured from head to toe on a stretcher and driven off the field. they stabilized his neck it looked like after sacking cleveland's quarterback johnny manziel. then the rookie stayed face down before that though motionless for several minutes you see after they got him secure they drove him feefld. we're told he's hospitalized with neck and head injuries. we'll keep you updated. right now a former tennis star is calling for a new york city police officer who tackled him to be fired. i don't think there's much of a gray area.
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i don't think this person should have a badge or gun again. >> the mistaken arrest captured on surveillance video. what james blake say happened in moments after he was slammed to the ground. >> republican presidential hopefuls gearing up for their second televised debate. our fox news political insiders are here and they will be weighing in
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the republican presidential field gearing up for round two. the next presidential debate is coming up this wednesday. 11 candidates will take stage in primetime. rnc chairman says he expects to see more elbows being thrown as candidates vie for more attention. elizabeth? >> reporter: hi, harris. they are campaigning, they are on the late night scircuit on te sunday political shows.
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many are on the defensive. showing anti-establishment candidates gaining momentum. donald trump and ben carson top those polls. the test on wednesday who while the debate at the late president's library will abide by ronald reagan's 11 commandment, thou shall not speak ill of any fellow republican. >> it's important for everybody. every time you get a chance to be in front of 20, 25 million people in this race it's important. i'm ready. >> i find that people once they have an actual opportunity to hear what i have to say and get an explanation of it, frequently agree. >> be myself. have a good time, enjoy it and appreciate every moment in this campaign because it's really a special part of life. >> reporter: this is the first time they will face a republican woman. carly fiorina will face donald trump on the heels of an unprovoked attack about her face just this week. >> i'm reading some interesting
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things on the democratic side like a surge by bernie sanders against hillary clinton. >> reporter: the rhetoric may not be as heated and crowd thinner but no less exciting. support for bernie sanders continues to gain. sanders plays up his slogan as an anti-establishment candidate. >> the american people in my strong view are sick and tired of establishment politics. they want a candidate who is prepared to stand up to the big money interest. wall street, corporate america that exert so much power over our legislative life in washington. >> reporter: the former secretary of state e-mail scandal lingers she made no mention of it when she spoke at the methodist church today but said her spiritual adviser said she needs to be kinder to the press. >> thank you very much. now let's go to europe where the refugee crisis is dividing decisions by governments there. tens of thousands of people are
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risking their lives as you know in a perilous journey to reach europe from war-torn countries of syria and iraq and coming from afghanistan also. now germany europe's largest economy sim pleamenting temporary border controls to cope with massive influx of families. world leaders are calling on the united states to step up with more assistance. conor powell has more from our middle east bureau. >> reporter: europe is increasingly divide and struggling to cope with the growing refugee crisis overwhelming the continent. still, tens of thousands of desperate families fleeing wars in the middle east, continue to make the dangerous trek to the eu, often with deadly results. greek authorities say 28 people drowned off its coast. half of them children including four instants under the age of 2. the greek coast guard says they were able to rescue 68 people from the ocean. while another 30 made it to greece by boat.
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but the surge of refugees continue. at least 12,000 asylum seekers arriving in munich this weekend. germany which has pledged to take in some 800,000 this year alone is now reinstating border controls to stem the flow. and the eu is asking other nations to help. but many eastern european countries are resisting calls. romania's interior minister said his country will not take in the some 2,000 or so refugees it initially agreed to shelter. as summer turns into fall fewer refugees are expected to make that dangerous mediterranean boat crossing, but still tens of thousands are expected to try meaning this crisis is still far from over. >> what do you get when you mix some of our military's finest leadership past and present, big hearts and generosity. a room filled with navy s.e.a.l.s and former secretary of state condoleezza rice, a fabulous night. for a few hours in chicago i had
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the honor of seeing the navy s.e.a.l.s foundation annual tribute dinner this past week. families of our special forces need shoring up as the disappear tip is carrying out our most lethal missions. the night raised $3 million headed by the director and a team of medicine and women dedicated to the cause of supporting special ops, warriors and their families. well, he was once the fourth ranked player in the world. former tennis star james blake slammed to the ground by an undercover police officer. with video of that arrest mix up circulating the web for a oh, look. we have a bunch of...
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>> former tennis star james blake is calling for a former new york city police officer to be fired after he mistook him for a person of interest and tackled imon a new york city sidewalk. you can see the officer knock the retired athlete to the sidewalk outside a the hole. blake attended harvard university and was once ranked the world's number four in tennis. he says was toer never identified himself or showed a badge. brian, what more to we know about this particular office center >> well harris, it looks like this officer who tackled james blake in front of this hotel on wednesday has a history of complaints filed against him. the 38-year-old officer was working as a plain-clothes officer as part of a botched credit card fraud sting operation when he tackled blake, handcuffed and detained him. blake was in custody for about ten minutes before one of the officers reportedly recognized the tennis starer and realized they had the wrong guy. oops. blake has been placed on modified desk duty as the new york police department internal
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affairs bureau investigates the incident. the four year veteran of the nypd has been named in several civil rights lawsuits alleging excessive force and had four civilian complaints against him. blake believes the officer should be fired. >> the video shows it pretty clearly. i didn't ran or raise my arm. i didn't do anything that was confrontational. the suspect is a nonviolent criminal so there's no reason for this in anyway. >> blake says he doesn't think he was racially profiled and feels lucky it didn't end up worse. >> you know just to add some things to the story. new york city city police commissioner apologized to james blake and said would you like to be part of our internal investigation or internal affairs and he said at every indication he thought blake would do that. seems like there's good communication going on there. do we have any idea whether or not blake would sue or is there more to the story?
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>> blake's lawyer tells fox news they are considering their options and are looking forward to meeting with mayor de blasio and the police commissioner. mayor and the commissioner have personally apologized, but blake is now calling on the city to invest money in a fund to help victims of police brutality and false arrests. >> what happened to me probably would have been attempted to be swept under the rug if there wasn't a video out there to show how obvious and egregious the action was that was taken. if we make sure they are always held accountable we can help them become better police officers. >> a meeting day with the city has not been set yet and when it happens it will be under the cloud of a potential high-profile lawsuit and i did misspeak. i meant that the police officer is on desk duty. >> one of the interviews i had seen earlier with james blake calling the police officers heroes with this being the
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exception it will be interesting to see as they move forward how the conversation continues based on what you learned a short time ago by reaching out to that attorney. thank you very much. good to see you. a fourth inmate has died at an oklahoma prison. officials say several inmates were stabbed yesterday while they were moving from their cells to the exercise yard. no staff members were hurt. it happened at medium security wing between oklahoma city and tulsa. now a programming note for you. the only survivor of last month's horrific shooting of that news reporter and cameraman on live television is speaking about the incident for the first time. vicki gardner goes on the record with great va van susteren on tuesday. don't miss this the. the fox news channel. we're moments away now from an update. 100 homes destroyed, thousands of people forced to evacuate. we got that new number. 50,000 acres have now burned.
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this is the valley fire. hot dry conditions fueling that massive wildfire. and senator bernie sanders is challenging hillary clinton in the polls. he's doing pretty well. donald trump maintains his lead over republican rivals. fox news political insiders are here to weigh in on the front runners. hypothetical us up
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>> let's check in. northern california under siege by a vicious wildfire. today has been so violent. 50,000 acres burned now. this is less than a day. the governor has declared a state of emergency as the so-called valley fire chews up that area about 100 miles north of san francisco. we're looking at these live pictures right now. i think we got a map too to show because this isn't the only fire that's burning in california. just to give you and idea of what the season is right now and in fact it's not the largest. lake county in the north. janice dean our meteorologist for fox news joined us a little while ago say they are seeing rain in a couple of days in that area. that will go away. then the presence of a giants el nino that will come in and sweep across the southern part of california from central to the south that will give them some longer range. north has a lot of fires burning and we're hopeful the next day
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or two that that's actually going bring enough rain and lower temperatures to make a big difference. a lot of pain in a suffering out there for those people out there. our prayers for them. let's talk politics. hillary clinton is coming out on top in a potential face off with donald trump. kind of. it would be really close. so close the latest abc "the washington post" poll shows a statisticical tie. the up or down a couple of points. assuming each wins their respect party's nomination 46% say clinton is their choice for presidency, 43% say they want trump in the white house. give or take that's a margin of error that's extremely tight. the fox news political insiders are here. a former pollster for jimmy carter. former republican congressman for new york. and former pollster for president bill clinton and fox news contributor. you our viewer can join the conversation on our fox news social pages #foxreport.
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doug, i'll start with you. interesting week ahead for hillary clinton. >> absolutely. >> is it a reset? does she get to start over for a third time? she rolled out. then was out on a remote island off of manhattan. now like reset the button again with a worldwide apology for that e-mail scandal. is this a reset for her? >> something of a reset last week. judging by the polls there was an iowa poll that i think was put up and we -- a new hampshire poll that shows her trailing. basically dead even or slightly behind in iowa and ten points or so behind in new hampshire. she has to reset, harris. she needs to get a message out about why she should be president, what she wants to do and what is her unique argument for herself because we saw in britain a left wing socialist was elected as the leaders of the labor party. what happens in britain is
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oftentimes a harbinger of what happens here. bottom line as i like to say bernie sanders is moving and right now he's got all the momentum, harris. >> pat, i want to go to you. why is bernie sanders resonating or is it that hillary clinton is not. >> it's both of those. the "post" poll which is a heavily biassed democratic poll if they are showing three points trump is ahead. i'll guarantee you that. let me say also what's happening with the movement to sanders is pretty constant every where you look at polls. he's up near 20% in south carolina. in the state -- he was here yesterday in south carolina where i am. hillary gets worse and worse by the week. these resets don't work. i'll tell you, that memo of all the authenticity problems that memo from the "new york times"
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which said that she was -- her staff put out or whoever leaked it they've done focus groups and she was going try to apologize, she was going more human then she goes on ellen who slobbers all over her and dances and whatever. you know what? the phoneiness is phoney. and the fact that we heard that now the e-mail servers may not have been scrubbed at almay end up meaning that we'll now know what's going on. and remember we still have the worst to come for her. benghazi and most of all the foundation. she's dying in front of our eyes politically. >> on twitter, harris, hillary had more resets than my old ibm pc. >> that's true. it's not ghing. one much you guys used the word authentic. what we learned so far is the candidates doing well are not the ones with the best resume necessarily, the best electoral
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record, it's the ones who say what they believe, honestly and openly. that's why sanders is doing well on the left. it's why elizabeth warren always does well even if she's not running people see her as authentic. trump for whatever you might think about donald trump he is who he is. he just says it and gets away with it because it's him. >> what about carson? >> dr. carson is totally out there. >> let's capitalize what's happening on the democratic party. a lot of the narrative if you look to the past, within the republican party you got, you know, people who are more conservative and then you got the more moderates and then they are battling it out. can you make the argument that's not even as good as it is for the democrats. they just have hillary and everybody else. >> the republicans basically now have two candidates, donald trump leading, first week he's over 30%. ben carson is in the low 20s. half the republican electorate is now voting for two people who
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have not spent one day, not one day in elected office. >> how do you capitalize on that. >> you don't. three months ago before trump got going we were on this show every week talking about how the republicans were obsessed with hillary and the emails and the foundation instead of putting out a message about why they wanted to be president. trump comes along. you don't hear any republicans focused on hillary any more or on the democrats they are focused on what are we going to do about trump or what's trump going to do, can trump win the nomination. he's the story in american politics. at least in the republican field. >> i'm seeing this on twitter. the voter want to be inspired. you know, pat, i always hear you guys talk about polling. the intensity. we saw this in the mid-term elections. right? we saw republicans went to the polls in the mid-term election in droves because they were intense about making changes in washington. do democrats and republicans, who has it this time? >> you know, right now -- bernie
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sanders sort of an outsider, he's on the economic end of what i keep saying something out of the left-hand of the trough tha other end and somewhat carly fiorina, which is all those outsiders. i watched the morning shows this morning which is enough to give me bad heart burn literally. these people keep saying oh, hillary still can't lose whatever and none of them have learned anything. they don't understand the system now. they don't understand that we're having a literal uprising against the political class. this is revolution. this is not merely a let's have a little protest here in the fall. it is a change of the political order. and these candidates and i'll tell you. that's one of the things that's interesting about biden. he's very authentic. anyone who saw him. >> he's quintessential insider.
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>> the point i want to make. >> go ahead. >> biden is running, harris, well behind hillary and sanders in the individual states, in the head-to-head nationally he's tied with sanders and hillary with a slight advantage. i don't see biden running unless and until he sees hillary crashing. given the data in the last week or so that could well happen. >> quickly before we go break did hillary apologize for the e-mail server and all of that did she ever go so far in your understanding doug. >> please. >> you know the clintons well. did she ever go so far to apologize to the republicans that she threw under the bus and accused on being on a witch-hunt. and that's what this was about. >> she has been parsing her explanations, joking some of the time about cleaning servers and about -- >> what did you hear? >> i heard a more parsed
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language, frankly she would do a lot better staying away from trying to apologize and explain what it is she wants to do when she's president while she's running. >> that will be a cold day in hell. >> may well be, pat. >> that's what you hear. >> she just wants to -- he'll shoot through those polls. he'll gain immediately. this woman is desperately wounded. >> up talking about sanders or biden or both? >> i'm saying biden if he jumps in. i still think he has a problem being an insider. thinks authenticity and being honest. >> i don't see it that way. >> i'm sure we'll talk about it. >> let's move on the this. in europe refugees flooding the borders. we showed you a little bit of the reporting on this earlier. germany one country taking trips to control the influx as the united states faces mounting pressure to get nofld.
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they gave a number of the number of people they would allow in this country. we'll talk about it. fox political insider
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>> we want credibility in the region, we got to be seen as a partner in trying to solve this humanitarian crisis. right now we aren't and that comes with a cost to u.s. credibility when we're trying to solve this problem. >> senator chris murphy a member of the senate foreign relations committee earlier today. european nations are struggling. so just how big a role should the u.s. play in assisting the surging crisis in europe in the fox news political insiders are back. john you're shaking your head really hard. >> we're political. humanitarian wise as americans, we would like to help all these people. but politically, there is
1:43 am
absolutely no appetite in our political system to do much of anything about bringing these people to the united states. it's just -- and the republican party is zero and the proof of that was trump this week who has a better heart than people know, by the way, he does a lot of private charitable things. his first reaction i would like to help bring some of them. he got thinking about it and hearing about it and backed off 180 no we can't bring them here. >> senator murphy was right. u.s. credibility is at stake if we don't play a leadership role here as we're not in the world. we'll talk about the iranian nuclear deal in a second. but russia and china are on the move in the arctic off the shores of alaska. we are facing their presence of the russians in syria. the united states is mia. >> so i hear all of that, doug. with respect, you talk about credibility. what happened to the red line? what happened to sticking to the things that we say are going to be the hard decisions and
1:44 am
actually doing them. >> that's my points. >> the world is looking for to us rescue if we had led. i'm asking. if we had led would this be a situation that's different. >> we've led nowhere. the premise of your question is absolutely right. red lines are crossed. we don't stand up for anything. and we are perceived -- i just came back myself from ukraine. the level of skepticism about america is palpable because we don't stand for anything, we don't keep our word. >> by the way, that is why trump is doing well because he sit there's and says when i'm president i'm going to lead, damn it i'm going to do boom, boom. maybe you don't like what he says but at least he's strong. he's the mirror opposite of what people now see as a weak american president. >> all right. so pat i'm hearing from doug that democrats sit together on this issue. do republicans run the risk of seeming heartless if they don't agree on this because what i hear trump and others saying we would love to help these people
1:45 am
but we have to look at reality. >> i have a simple answer. we'll take all the christians, okay. then we don't have a national security problem. >> wow. >> take the christians. nobody else in the world wants to take care of them. how about that as a proposal. >> wow. >> this president won't be making that proposal, though. he won't do it. >> you can be sure he won't. >> that's right. >> he doesn't care about christians anywhere in the world. >> a legitimate thing that the media is not covering enough is the specific targeting of christians in syria and iraq. a lot of them -- >> the part where they say they want to kill all the christians. >> they are doing it. >> they burn them. >> if you look at those pictures you saw that toddler washed up. these pictures are heart rending. >> this is the consequence of war. you say united states needs a leadership position. we led in the destabilization of iraq back in '03.
1:46 am
this is when this mess began. >> back of barack obama. >> it will be interesting to see how many of the gulf states will take these refugees. we've gotten some numbers. they don't call them refugees. they call them migrants which will allow united arab emirates to balloon their numbers. >> russia is going into syria saying they are trying to stabilize the situation and stand up against islamic fascism. the refugee crisis is as a direct result of isis. it's divided europe. we're silent. putin is winning. >> let's move on and talk about what happened on friday. friday 9/11 congress passes the iran deal. on 9/11. >> they don't pass it. they don't stop it. >> don't vote. >> correction. >> so can we pop up that new cnn
1:47 am
poll this came out a couple of hours ago. iran will violate this deal. how many people believe that? add up those numbers that have either extremely, very, somewhat likely. 90% according to this poll. >> how could you be a democratic senator and support this deal knowing that? i mean that's incredible. >> they heard something when they were home from their constituents this summer. did they ignore their voters. >> they did because the president of the united states used raw political power to say that they would be marginalized and just basically treated as nonpeople. the fact that there was no vote at all, it was a filibuster in the senate is the most cynical thing all of. pat, you got some comments about what you think the political impact will be. >> i think the circumstance are these. the country is in revolt. political washington proved that it can do nothing. as just was suggested the american people moved against
1:48 am
this deal. the leadership and the elites in particular the democratic party as it was with obamacare is the people can go to hell and that's because they responded, watch some of the speeches. there was no debate on the floor. i would have loved to hear someone defend how they could support this deal with iran inspecting itself. even what mcconnell called was a joke. my question is this. the democrats have basically said to israel good-bye. they have basically sold israel out. the 42 votes that were not even allow a vote to be taken is a disaster against democracy. these people are going to pay a price. polls show and it will be very heavy. very heavy. people are going to behold them. why didn't mcconnell do a nuclear option in the senate the way harry reid did?
1:49 am
because the republicans always surrender. >> we'll step away. i'll hold that question in our little bucket to reask when we come back. stay with us.
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>> real quickly our bucket reask for pat for your about the iran deal. why didn't the gop leadership use a nuclear option? >> that one i'm unsure why they didn't do it. i think there's certain rules that govern the use of it that they honor which harry reid didn't. the other one is, why it wasn't set up in order to make it harder to pass the bill in the senate. and i remember last spring corker who is the head of the foreign relations committee negotiated with democrats to
1:53 am
make a bipartisan bill to get congress a say in the thing because originally there was no say. >> the votes would never be there to overturn. >> moving on. top gop candidates are set to take the main stage in this week's presidential debate. according to the polling that is there will be 11 in that primetime and then earlier you'll have a similar situation to what we saw on fox in terms of that. governor rick perry of texas is gone. former governor. here's how it stacks up. your thoughts. >> we got two people, ben carson and donald trump who are the acknowledged front runners. the question will be how much back and forth is there between the two and how much do they get attacked by the rest of the field especially the third outsider carly fiorina. >> i'm asking them to put that full screen back up because a lot of people -- it's the weekend and they haven't seen who the final lineup is. >> piggybacking on doug, we see the movement in the race since the first debate a month ago
1:54 am
here on fox has been huge. people going up, people going down, carly fiorina rising to the major league debate. >> you were shocked. >> i thought she did very well in the first debate. but this debate, candidates who fell since the last one like bush, walker, christie, rand who disappeared, all the washington people or governors, somebody has to come out and really come in with something new on wednesday night. to jazz up their campaign. there's panic in the establishment wing of the republican party over trump and carson doing so well and these well financed insiders, bush has $140 million. single digit and going down. >> i remember how well rick santorum did with votes that were, you know, left off the table, pat, basically the evangelical, many of them stayed home. and you look at how he hasn't
1:55 am
done well this time around he's got a strong message according to his core supporters. what happened there? >> well, i don't know what happened to santorum other than he lost last time. he was the runner up, so to speak, in a very weak field of romney. voters don't -- i think he's a very sincere man. you should know when your time has passed. the person for this debate who has the most interesting issue is carly fiorina. she's the new person on the block. with all these others. and it is to her benefit, i think, when this debate what she did in the last debate. for her does not say fight these other candidates but go after hillary. go after hillary. let her be
1:56 am
1:57 am
>> the be basketball world has lost one much its great. moses malone, chairman of the boards for his dominant rebounding skills. he took the philly 76ers to a championship in 1983. he passed away last night in a sleep from an apparent heart attack. he was only 60 years old. joining me now is jim gray sportscaster and fox news contributor. i'm so sad this is the occasion to talk to you. in read he and i knew this already. the only player to go from high school in his day straight on to the court.
1:58 am
>> he was a pioneer. he was a wonderful guy. in '74 he dunked to the uva. first guy to sign a million dollar a year contract with the rockets back in 1978. he was one of the first guys to ever nike shoes. and he was wonderful man and it was great when he said what do you think about the playoffs this year? they asked what do you think about the playoffs. he said, four, four, four. we're going to sweep them all. >> he will be missed. >> all right. >> >> out of control in decades turning deadly. forcing thousands of families to
1:59 am
flee. the dramatic new video in the middle of all of those flames. >> on alert, the u.s. bracing for possible terror attacks. the bombshell just revealed about a plot involving pope francis as al qaeda warns attacks are eminent. >> caught on camera hitting a ref. just days after another hit on an official. are high school sports getting too competitive? we report, you decide. "fox & friends first" starts right now. >> good monday morning to you. i am heather childers. you are watching "fox & friends first". >> thanks for joining us. i am ainsley earhardt. it is 4:59 on the east coast. we begin with a fox news alert.
2:00 am
out of control on the west coast. wildfires raging across america and turning deadly. >> one person killed hundreds of homes destroyed thousands of people now trying to escape the relentless flames as the governor declares a state of emergency. >> kelly wright is live with us. >> it is terrible indeed. it created a lot of fuel for fire. we see that happening. now people caught in areas where fires are burning out of control are have beening waiting the areas once called home. look at this literal thriving out of an inferno. trees and the ground burning on both sides of the road. smoke and flames in your rear view as you race against time to get out of the danger zone. >> it is like a scene from a movie. it was terrifying. >> the wildfires are moving rapidly killing one person and creating a t


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